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Roche Diagnostics and Ocean Protocol partner to improve care for heart disease patients through…

Roche Diagnostics and Ocean Protocol partner to improve care for heart disease patients through safe and secure data sharing

Using Ocean Protocol, private medical real-time data can be transmitted, viewed and shared from patients’ self-monitoring device to medical professionals and institutions, allowing faster feedback to patients and greater access to data from patients with chronic heart conditions by stakeholders.

The health industry has created far more data in the past 10 years than it can turn into meaningful information. Even how much healthcare data there is out there is unclear: by 2020 there will be between 2,314 petabytes and 25,000 petabytes of it, depending on the source. According to IBM, by 2020, healthcare data is estimated to double every 73 days¹.

Part of the problem is that data remains locked up in silos over concerns of trust, privacy and security. But if patient data could be shared securely and safely, it offers an opportunity to diagnose disease early or to prescribe more effective and personalised treatment. The key is to harness that data in a way that ensures the patient grants their consent to its use, their privacy is maintained, and that the data remains secure.

In partnership with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Ocean Protocol, Roche Diagnostics has launched a pilot to improve the current practice and standards of care for patients on blood-thinning therapy. It also hopes to understand how physicians presently work with data and digital tools, and to explore how data could be better shared and used to help them make better decisions, and ultimately provide better patient care. The collaboration pilots a new model where patient data is automatically pushed and shared via blockchain technology to a hospital. For the first time, Ocean allows for data provenance to be established and data flow to be traceable. Data sharing is also time-stamped and tamperproof.


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