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I made a short post on the Nyan Parlement

I meant to write about this when it was news, but often times, I’m pretty slow at releasing content. Speaking of which, I am looking for guest contributors.

But about a year ago, I officially became a founding member of the Nyancoin Parlement. The parliament is an interesting system and is like a mix of a corporate board of directors and a legislative government body. The fundamental principle behind the Nyancoin Parlement is one coin is one vote. Nyan coin are used to give electing power to those in office. A coin can only be used to endorse one candidate at a time. One of the issues was if Coinaday should be the “Dictator pro tem” of the Parlement.

So if I wanted to vote Yes (which I did), I could use my 100,000 coin endorsement and vote on it. But if someone else is endorsed with more coins, they will overall have more sway than me. Overall whichever receives the most votes (in the form of coin endorsements) wins.

As far as I can tell, this seems to be the only system of its kind. But I haven’t conducted an exclusive search by any means.

There recently has been some activity in the Nyancoin Parlement, and perhaps some new exciting news will be forthcoming. Then again, it might take a while for me to write about it.

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