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User Experience is Frightening and Scammy

Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013, Finally decided to look into NXT/Ardor/Ignis. With the pending release of the Ardor network, and the Ignis childchain on the Ardor network, powered somehow by NXT, I thought it was a good time to learn more. What I learned is not good news. I downloaded the NXT light wallet and started to look through the features. Upon my first examination, I was impressed with the number of features, from markets to voting, there is a lot going on. However, when I looked at these features in more detail they were hardly used and barely developed. The light wallet failed to load properly over half the time. Most times just unable to connect to a server, but would bring up the error saying my wallet did not exist. Other times it would appear to boot normally, but then say my wallet had a zero balance, because it was unable to load the most current block. Both of these errors involved showing that my NXT was gone, not a pleasant experience for anyone. Around the same time I downloaded the wallet, I signed up for the NXT slack. This proved to be a big mistake, as shortly after signing up I received numerous phishing emails trying to steal Ethereum. This is a NXT slack, shouldn't they at least be trying to steal NXT? TL:DR Wallet would load about half the time, other half told me zero balance, Scary. Features are underdeveloped and underutilized. NXT slack sent me nothing but phishing emails. This was my experience with NXT/Ardor/Ignis, maybe yours was different. Cheers and best of luck!
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