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Two new JPL-clompliant clones have airdropped 10% of their coins among NXT holders

[https://twitter.com/NxtCommunity/status/1159464438585593862](https://twitter.com/NxtCommunity/status/1159464438585593862) [Birdlance](https://www.birdlance.com/) and [CRYT](https://cryt.crytrex.com/) blockchains have recently gone live. You can find the whitepaper and more details about them in their respective webpages. Since they are cloning NXT, they needed to fulfill the [JPL open-source license](https://www.jelurida.com/jpl) agreement, which includes airdropping 10% of their coins among NXT users. If you held NXT during the snapshot, just log in the Birdlance and/or CRYT wallet using your current Nxt log-in details to get access to the airdropped coins you received.
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