Forward to the future, to 2023! Latest news /

Forward to the future, to 2023! Latest news /

Forward to the future, to 2023! Latest news /

Hello, this year has been quite difficult. Difficult political situation and the collapse of the markets. But we continue to work on projects to become better and more successful next year.

I had to change the team a bit, train a new designer for the specifics of the crypto market. Change partners in several directions.

We are looking for people with their NFT collections to make the launch of the main platform more active.

Made a new design. Now we want to launch an additional mobile application for NFT and connect it to popular games/metaverses.

Ardor World Cabinet

The finished project is waiting to be launched with additional features such as bookmark pages and a checker of crypto donations from different wallets. A lot of delightful updates are coming! We are rebranding. Now the project will be called

Ardor.World New Blockchain Explorer

We did all the basics, but it seems like there are a lot of flaws.

We face interesting and sometimes unexpected challenges in a development process. We’re doing our best to make everything as functional as possible. Unfortunately the budget decreased significantly with a market turmoil happened this year. But despite the market situation, we are determined to continue working on the project. We’ve done a great job this year, and we’re very enthusiastic about the coming year!

Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great!

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