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Understand NULS from the smallest detail

Nuls is a very unique blockchain platform which allows Custom-made Dapps/ side-blockchains. Dapps which are built on it can have different concensus algorithms, ledger etc... Furthermore, NULs makes it super easy for developers to build Dapps on it, mainstream developers do not even need to know how to code a concensus algorithm to be able to create a Dapp on NULS! Sounds too good to be true? In this review of NULS, we breakdown the key features of NULS and explain how they achieve a completely custom-made blockchain. We also do a complete review including team and price prediction. So be sure to watch this "NULS Review: Tailor-made Blockchain"!If you like this video, please give us a like and subscribe, so you don't miss out on any of our content. Also do let us know if there's any coin/ topics you would like us to cover so we can be most relevant to you! We are also building a great community together, thank you so much for being a part of it. You guys are the best! :) Start a conversation in the comment or join our telegram and we would love to chat with you! :DTelegram group:, my dream is to be a full time crypto youtuber, researching and reviewing blockchain projects all day long! If you like this channel and would like to support this dream of mine, please consider dropping us a donation with my sincere and grateful thanks in advance!Ethereum Donations: 0x10a181e6aa3fac77d2513b0948a535d979718f14Bitcoin Donations: 1CdBp7WdzRcPp9FwzEupNp3XMPyWy2uN9BNeo Donations: ARi7hRqE9H7nADGX2B2zPccWtojPuGEy4rSteemit link: Browser referral link: link: link: Continue on

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