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The future of block chain and how NULS will change it!

An average block chain team size is roughly 10 people and less including devs, now imagine a cryptocurrency with 100 devs working on it and what it could achieve... now imagine 1000, or 100,000 devs all working together on one project to make it user friendly and viable for mass adoption of every need and want to every enterprise, this is nuls vision and this is how they will change the future of block chain. How will they achieve this? NULS tech is modular by design, where each module can be removed and “upgraded” then replaced or stored for specific uses WITHOUT the need for forking! No more dividing the people who want different things like bitcoin, the modular approach allows anyone and everyone to contribute anything they see fit just by adding or editing their own modules for everyone to use. It means that new block chain technology developed in the future can be easily implemented into nuls through upgrading and adding modules by devs making it very cost effective and the most efficeintly designed cryptocurrency. Meaning nuls will never be outdated! This new technology is already highly coveted by many organisations and seen as the best method proving this with over 7 big partnernships waiting to build on nuls including MC payments, a gigantic payment system almost as big as Visa in SIngapore! Old generation platforms such as neo is also trying to replicate nuls modular design so they do not fall behind. Now with main net just launched the real development of nuls begins with everyone able to contribute! Nuls is now calling for all developers and has already found many exceptionally talented community developers, for instance the nuls explorer run on []( was created by a community member Moshe, now an offical communtiy developer employed by nuls and a team of many more talented devs are being assembled at this very moment with a list of tasks to make nuls the biggest and mass adopted block chain platform via ease of use and eve...
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