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NULS published “The NULS Community New York meetup was successfully held”

The NULS Community New York meetup was successfully held.

On the afternoon of May 14 in New York City, the NULS U.S community meetup was successfully held. People from various branches of the NULS project were present including developers, consultants and operations personnel. Each of them spoke to an audience of community members and investors from all over the world about the many technical features and application prospects unique to NULS, presenting it as the world’s best universal enterprise-level blockchain technology solution.

Lin Yang : “If I don’t code every single day, my life becomes a wreck!”

Lin Yang from the NULS community is one of the core contributors to the NULS code. At the meeting, he shared his 8 years of programming experience, saying that programming is his ultimate hobby, and the luckiest part is that his hobbies and career are closely aligned. He also stated that the NULS project embodies the hard work of thousands of people in the NULS community. Its modularity, customizability and rapid upgrade iteration design are very advanced concepts and will continue to be maintained on the NULS project. It is through the joint efforts of the entire community that the NULS project has ranked the top of the GitHub blockchain project code activity for three consecutive months.

Douglas Foo: “Any blockchain project that is not commercially available is like a castle in the air.”

NULS project consultant and business tycoon Mr Douglas Foo from Singapore said in a speech that the purpose of technological development is for it to be applied to the real world. Any blockchain project that cannot be commercialized is unrealistic. Any research and development in the blockchain space must be conducted with the goal in mind of large scale application and commercial usage. NULS, he says, is doing a very good job at this. Its modularity and customizability greatly expand the breadth of future application deployment. Th...

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