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NULS project technology and concept features — Parallel Multi-Chains

NULS project technology and concept features — Parallel Multi-Chains

The previous article “A NULS’ community collaborative idea: hosting enterprise-ready and commercial applications on the blockchain using Modules” goes into great detail on the advantages of NULS’ modular design. Some of these advantages are described below;

1. Updates and technological upgrades can be made independently, and at any time in each specific module without affecting the function of the rest of the blockchain.

2. Users can choose and develop certain applications on many different modules.

3. NULS is an open source community project. Once the main net activates the standard interface will improve day by day and it will be easy for community developers to improve modules already on the NULS blockchain, or to develop functional modules using the standard interface.

4. When a bug is found, it is easier to locate and repair it.

Another concept that will help facilitate enterprise on the blockchain is the idea of ‘parallel multi-chains’. Similar to NULS’ modular design, the ‘parallel multi-chain’ extension mode will also work to facilitate and host various enterprise-level applications. If the main chain has to host all the services of the blockchain, then hardware maintenance costs alone would be in the tens of millions, which would be in addition to the funds needed for business development and expansion. The capital investment required is simply not conducive to hosting enterprise applications or for consensus participation. At the same time, the lowering of the participation threshold on the blockchain which is advocated by NULS would not be possible.

In order to solve this problem, after doing some comprehensive research into the technology of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the NULS team has created a ‘parallel multi-chain’ extension mechanism that will link the main chain and sub-chains. This mechanism separates the main chain from the sub...

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