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Nuls is the future of blockchain

The 4 key points why nuls is the future of blockchain 1. Nuls is never outdated or replaced - Upgradable modules make it easy to implement big improvements to the tech without starting from scratch. Perfect for the current forever changing and evolving block chain. 2. Nuls has mass adoption - Modules for every purpose will be created and stored in one place for all businesses to choose the modules they require without any coding knowledge, allowing them to be able to make nuls side chains customised perfectly for their own personal needs. There is no one size fits all for block chain, but with nuls you can customise your side chain picking the modules perfect for you whether it’s optimising your tps or creating a pos or pow consensus, the choice is up to you. Nuls is the only platform capable of benefitting all business needs and its ease of use of one click module customisable sidechains as per your needs makes it the most viable choice for mass adoption. 3. Nuls is the biggest and most developed platform - For businesses that use nuls side chains if there’s a module needed but missing, they can easily use a dev to create the module they need that will then be stored as one of nuls modules forever for everyone to use. It’s modular design is so easy to add and contribute too and also very cost effective as you can improve or add to nuls without starting from scratch like all the other platforms so it will become the biggest and most developed platform that exists. Eventually it will have so many module features added to it no one will ever use any other platform and nuls will be the go to like ethereum currently is. 4. Nuls has no competitors - Other platforms are not modular so they can only offer you what they have, if they don’t have what you need or require then bad luck, there is nothing that can be done to fix this issue for other platforms. Written by Zane (node amazing)
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