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Merging Blockchain Technology with Public Welfare: A first attempt of social significance

Merging Blockchain Technology with Public Welfare: A first attempt of social significance.

Blockchain is potentially a globally disruptive technology but how will it affect our day to day lives?

How can blockchain technology transition from its technical, conceptual phase to a phase of real world application and adoption?

The process of applying blockchain technology to our everyday lives is something that can and should be constructively debated and discussed by the NULS community. The NULS ‘Enterprise on the Blockchain’ discussion group propose and discuss a new and specific topic each week. On April 19th, the community conducted an online discussion on “How the blockchain can be applied to the public welfare sector”. Some of the main points from the discussion are below:

Discussion points:

* Why we need off chain collections and the convenience of online payments (for example, WeChat payment);

* How to apply blockchain technology to real life scenarios in the public domain;

* How to implement real-time records of bookkeeping and accounting for public welfare institutions without information being tampered with;

* Whether or not smart contracts can serve the public good;

Reponses to the issues:

Mr. Zhang is a member of the Xiangzhou District Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is located in Zhuhai City (formally registered on May 5, 2009). The society was founded by Mr. Li Yingbing in 2009. The aims of the society are to rescue stray cats and dogs, as well as promote a healthy diet for the animals, improve their well-being and train them properly. The association, which currently has 20 volunteers, refuses to abandon the concept of public welfare. Mr Zhang now manages the financial operations at their website

Mr Zhang said in the response that processing donations via blockchain technology is fully transparent so the financial r...

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