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Clarification of the cause and solution to Yellow cards on network nodes.

Yellow cards have been received at some time or another by all nodes since the network launched a few weeks back. I operate my node (Nuls node London) on a very powerful system that has never been offline and rarely operates above 5% of capacity and yet I have still received yellow cards causing my credit score to go to 0.98 for about 18 hours. I just received a yellow card today. Other node operators are having the same problem. I have been told that the source of this problem is due to how the chain was started with the seed nodes being set up in China and other nodes needing to connect to these nodes and associated firewall issues resulting in yellow cards - if anybody can provide further clarity on this, please comment. In any event I have been told the problem should be resolved via a wallet update to be released shortly. I apologise for the temporary drop in credit. My hardware is super fast and always online so you can trust staking your Nuls with London Thanks a lot Nuls Node London
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