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China Blockchain Industry Alliance and NULS Partnership Implementing new DAPPs on NULS’ sub-chains

China Blockchain Industry Alliance and NULS Partnership Implementing new DAPPs on NULS’ sub-chains

On May 7, China’s High-tech Industrialization Research Association Blockchain Industry Alliance (from now referred to as the CBIA) and the NULS project signed a partnership in Beijing. Zhu Tao, Chairman of the China-Blockchain Industry CBIA, and Wang Xiaoli, the co-founder of NULS, attended the signing ceremony. Both parties will join forces to build the Blockchain Technology Institute which will provide comprehensive training of talented people in the blockchain space as well as drive more application and adoption of blockchain technology. NULS will serve as the base chain for the “Key Ring” of DAPPs provided by the CBIA. By working together, the CBIA and NULS will contribute to the development of blockchain businesses of the future.

Zhu Tao (left), Chairman of the CBIA Council, and Lily Wang (right), representing NULS, signed the contract.

The two parties will cooperate in areas such as blockchain talent training, popularizing blockchain as well as application adoption.

Yang Lin, a current member of the NULS foundation will become a member of the council at the CBIA. As a council member he will establish the Blockchain Technology Research Institute which will provide fault-tolerance and code checking services as well as support for personnel in the business-related, legal and academic areas of the NULS ecosystem. After the official launch of the NULS mainnet the CBIA will participate in the NULS global node campaign and the “Key Ring” Dapps will be integrated onto NULS main chain.

Additionally, the NULS Foundation will employ Zhu Tao, Chairman of the CBIA, as a consultant to the NULS project. He will provide professional advice and guidance to the NULS team concerning the application of blockchain technology and help form teams of blockchain experts. Thus, in cooperation with the CBIA, they will use business, technologica...

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