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Some Comments about Nexus and about the website

Hey guys I'm new to this sub and to reading about this altcoin. I just wanted to give some constructive input from my side regarding your altcoin and community. 1. I had a quick look at the website: and from what I could tell you don't have a valid SSL certificate on the website. Remember SSL is supposed to also serve the purpose of verifying the authenticity of a website. You can get a free SSL cert from 2. From what I could tell IRC channel on freenode is completely inactive and seems like you guys use slack instead of IRC. This probably fine for you, but from the point of view of the open source community freenode is primary point of contact for support and for talking to some of the developers of the project. Thanks hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions regarding my feedback.
Go to self.nexusearth
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