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Nexus Wallet Not Connecting

**Edit: I discussed the solution to this problem and figured out the issue, I posted the solution below the image.** ​ So I downloaded and installed the newest wallet, upon opening the program it will keep displaying "Connecting to Nexus Core..." When looking in the Core Output log inside of the application I see what's being displayed in the image. I really want to get this wallet up and running so if any of you have any other tips then what's already out there on the internet I'd be happy to hear it and try it out. ​ Thanks in advance! So the solution to this problem (in my case) is that there was already something running on the default port (port 8080), you can either shutdown everything on this port or change the port that is being used. You can change the port that's being used by going to "Help -> Open Core Data Folder", you'll see a directory and should see a file called "nexus.conf" open this in a text editor and look for apiport, if this option isn't located in the file you can write it down yourself at the bottom example; "apiport=8080" (this is default), change the 8080 by an available port and the wallet should work.
Go to self.nexusearth
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