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Hello to everyone that finds this information. First of all, please excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge especially when it comes to technical terms that are commonly used in Crpyto space. Like millions of others I recently have entered into cryptocurrency due to the massive spikes in the market. Entering the market at the top of a hype cycle has been humbling and a great learning experience to say the least. I dipped my toes in with Dogecoin and from there realized there’s actual value in other projects. I took my profits and carefully placed them into other “real currencies”. (Call Doge what you want, it’s interesting what drives these communities.) I would consider myself somewhat passionate or maybe just obsessed with crypto and most likely due to my recent entering of this space. Either way, it’s enjoyable to watch and some of the communities are supportive and fun. I stumbled upon Nexus while watching Bitboy Crypto on YouTube when a guy named “Rice”-something was touting it proudly. “Undervalued, low market cap, massive room to grow into the next big thing.” So I began my skim-research. First to website and white paper and then Twitter and Reddit. There is some extremely detailed and deep information on both platforms. I often times catch myself scrolling through too quickly because the wording and technical terms fly way over my monkey brain and ask myself if these are even real terms or made up terms to appear intelligent. My thoughts I don’t claim to be anybody that knows anything but I can easily see this project go 10x what it is this year and I don’t think any supporter would disagree. 100x is not even out of the question and have yet to see a reason why it couldn’t go 1000x within the next few years with how quickly things can ramp up. (Please tell me if I’m wrong and if this is completely impossible.) One of my early “investments”(More like gambles) was Shiba Inu. It’s a meme dog coin. It actually has far more capabilities and better fu...
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Nexus crypto API

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Nexus crypto API

The #Nexus Crypto #API helps manage an array of cryptographic functions including public/private key pairs, signatures, data verification, encrypted storage & #communications, authentication/autho...