🚀 CYVO is always on guard with high-end security solution s Full disk LUKS Block encryption Fully audited smart contract


There is an opinion that data security is more important today than in the past. Fraudsters will always discover sophisticated ways to steal investments. The CYVO' primary purpose is to protect ya and ya r data as much as possible.

🖥️ This is a complete Ecosystem with all kinds of security tool s.

Ultra-Secure OS - This tool plugs all potential vulnerabilities from the root level

Web Browser - Free, open-source web browser that allow s u to navigate the web without compromising ya r privacy, safety or security

Digital Asset Wallet - Secure user friendly wallet with more than 100 tokens in the market and ERC721 tokens (NFT)

DEFI Stealth Storage - Ultra-secure, fai-proof, unhackable & untraceable storage, designed to keep ya in control of ya r data

All the tool s can be bought on the ecosystem via the token s and thus annually all the product s have a subscription plan to ensure continuity of product development.

With post-quantum encryption & blockchain cyber security CYVO is always on guard. Why else do u need to join this ecosystem rn? Well, now there is an ability to purchase the token at presale prices. This is a unique opportunity that allows u access to the tokens before it circulates in the market.

Interested? Let’s follow their TG Account 📲 cyvoio to know more.

Pattern sniffing security Reed-Solomon erasure coding TOR Encryption with AES 256 IPFS based decentralized architecture using Code obfuscation