Can NXS survive with little exchange exposure

self.nexusearth3d ago
Hello Since the delisting, I have been reading some very negative things about NXS & the guy who started it. It is only a few people on twitter like a guy called Nexus Exposed who really does not like NXS or its creator. I had high hopes for NXS & as such started building up my stack in the hopes that it made it to even half its ATH but one concern did nag at me & that was the number of exchanges NXS was on. Now its only on Bittrex (that could end) so what are the thoughts on can NXS survive not being on a decent exchange? Personally if it reaches 17-18 cents before its delisted from Binance on the 11th then I am selling it even though I need 23 cents to break even. This was my "i'm gonna be a multi-millionaire" stack but now its my recover what I can stack. Bergs