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Why NEXO token might go to 1$ in the next 12 months - UPDATE

​ \- After the brutal drop due to coronavirus (all markets dropped hard).. NEXO has been working hard to deliver more features in the NEXO platform. \- This week NEXO started crypto interest with several coins with 5% interest and stablecoins up to 10%! (BTC and ETH soon). ​ NEXO this year already loaned 200 million usdt .. more than 2018 and 2019 combined!! ( check []( ) .. so its probably that NEXO already loaned more than 1 Billion USD this year alone! INSANE NUMBER ​ Recap: \- more than 700k users \- PAXgold added \- crypto interest started \- probably the biggest lender in crypto! \---------------------------------------------------------- Why the NEXO token can reach 1$? \- according to viewbase - []( only around 3% of the tokens are helded in exchanges.. its a SMALL number! ​ More features coming soon: \- Credit card is being tested right now (should be available soon) \- Next dividend payment it will be BIG due to huge increase in loans (and possibly a schedule for dividends on the way) - forecast around 30% roi \- Referral program in final stages \- more features like: new exchanges, products, new crypto coins etc etc ​ All these new features and products will bring way more people to NEXO (more buying pressure) .. with only 3% of NEXO tokens in exchanges - the price only have one way!
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