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US Nexionian's Wishlist

I'm a US resident planning to HODL and take advantage of Nexo's excellent interest rates. Here's what Nexo could do to make the platform better for US residents. 1. Allow for purchases from US banks using ACH withdraws. 2. Allow for purchasing and swapping for the Nexo token. 3. Allow for interest to be earned as Nexo (for the extra 2%) on all assets. * Right now the only way to earn Nexo is to have Nexo and earn in kind on it. 4. Allow for interest to be earned as Nexo or In Kind on a per-asset basis. 5. Allow for the option to earn interest daily or quarterly. * I know there was a recent vote related to this. I'm not sure how feasible this would be, but I wouldn't mind delaying the daily interest transactions to quarterly. Tracking the daily interest payouts for taxes is a hassle. * A bonus would allow users to earn daily or quarterly on a per-asset basis. Earn daily on the stable coins/USD, quarterly on the rest. Easy taxes with the most stable coin always available.
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