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The meaning of a vote

One thing that really worries me when it comes to voting is the fact that everything - including the result of a community vote - is subject to a change. What I mean by this is 12% doesn't have to stay 12% even for one week, really. There is no gurantee. How democratic is that? I mean, the whole point of community vote is to make a specific change in a way community decides to. I understand future decisions are governed by profits, current trends etc, but still - there is no time frame, time constraint or any kind of additional compensation if Nexo decides to lower it. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is really nothing out there that would bring some kind of longer term stability and peace of mind about these 12% that's supposed to be our choice. Our decision. I understand crypto is highly volatile, nowadays everybody does. But if you vote for something, you surely expect it to stay that way for at least some time. And if you don't have that - what's the meaning of a vote?
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