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Sent NEXO tokens to strange address by mistake - Help and/or cautionary tale

So I purchased some NEXO tokens a couple days ago in order to bring my interest rate up to 10%. I followed a link within the NEXO app on my smartphone (it was a link that said something like: "Top-Up on NEXO to get 10%") It opened a Changelly transaction window. I sent some BTC, and waited for my NEXO. And waited and waited and waited. I checked my Changelly account, and it showed a record of the transaction. But to my horror, the coins were sent to a strange address. I still don't understand what happened. Was I hacked? How/why was this address in my destination field? I'm usually very good about double-checking the addresses. But maybe this time I didn't check because it all happened within the NEXO app and my account, so I assumed it would be using my address. Has this happened to anyone else? This is the destination address, and it has been collecting many NEXO tokens over the last few days: [](
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