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Realtime XRP transfer to Nexo from Kraken

I'm about to transfer my first XRP to my new Nexo wallet. I'm curious as to how long it will take. My experience of going from Kraken to Binance is usually just a few seconds. I'm gonna start a stop watch as I send and will report here exactly how long it too to register in my account. As it's the first test, I'll be sending the minimum amount of 25 XRP. It's lined up and I'll hit send just after posting this. Address and destination tag are both copied and pasted from Nexo. Wish me luck! \[update 1\] within 5 minutes got success status from Kraken. But no sign of XRP in Nexo. [final update] took about 45 minutes to arrive. Not too bad :) ​ PS - Still waiting for advanced account to be approved, been 4 days now (3 working days).
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