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Paid off my loan… feels good!

Hello Reddit, I have been a long time holder in crypto. I bought at near all time highs in 2017 never once sold and continued to accumulate through out the years. Recently when btc was around ~64k range, for tax purposes and potential for further gains, I took a loan out of my crypto and paid off my vehicle and put a down payment on a (house-that was a hassle). I am very grateful to have been able to see enough gains to do that. Presently having lost 2/3 the value of my of my crypto portfolio. I would have nightmares about having my crypto liquidated over night. Not being able to move funds fast enough to cover my loan in time. I was checking prices every 5 minutes to make sure that I wouldn’t loose everything it’s been stressful. This was none stop stress and ultimately I choose to sell some of my crypto to pay off the loan. I felt sick selling right now, but I think I’ll actually get some decent sleep tonight knowing my bags won’t disappear in the morning. This is all a learning experience and I’m glad I get to still be invested in crypto and accumulate interest. Thanks for reading hope this helps out some people in similar positions. Take profits it feels good and as always don’t forget, Buy the dip/DCA when possible!
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