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Overleverage assets or repay loan

So, couple of questions I can't get my math-less head around. Seeing as BTC is mooning pretty nicely rn and a floor of 30ish is quite possible, would it be smart to overleverage my BTC ($2k in credit line already from a previous loan, $2k available credit) in order to buy more BTC, expecting probably this week alone it will appreciate more than 5.9%? Another one, at the rate this is going, I'm expecting we'll be close to 100k by year-end, so I'm planning to not repay the loan (plus this one I'm considering taking) until then. Is this the right move or am I risking too much against a say, 33% drop that would put the price on 34k and trigger automatic repayments for my loans? I'm pretty sure we won't see a 10k+ drop anytime soon!
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