Not Receiving EOS in Nexo Account

self.Nexo1m ago
To Nexo Support and Nexo Community I transferred EOS to Nexo 1 week ago and it hasn't show up in my Nexo account yet EOS blockchain is a very fast blockchain and transactions are usually executed and final within a few secondsDeposit address and memo ID are both correctDeposit address - e1k2m1ynpoofMemo ID - 4043051 the transaction id is: 375fbeef025a9b07256ca0c74a3aaad59845fbeb06ffd804cca368a1ad5bdfdf The transaction can be seen on the block explorer as executed and irreversible []( []( [Transaction Executed!!]( [Transaction Irreversible !!]( Is there something wrong with Nexo's services? Has anyone experienced the same issue before? If you have how long did it take Nexo to fix it?