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No fees on exchanges?? I'm not convinced...

So I just added a few hundred dollars in USDT to nexo. I decided to change the USDT to GBP on nexo - where I thought there were no fees. So I did this, rate seemed correct and all was well. Then 8 minutes later I had a change of heart, and decided to swap back the GBP for USDT. Thought I would get almost exactly the same amount, right? Wrong - somehow in 8 minutes, my GBP was worth 8 USDT less. That is 2 months of interest for the amount I have in Nexo - the whole reason for putting it there was the interest. I was checking USDT/GBP price on Tradingview while doing all this, there wasn't any big movement. SO I'm really unclear as to where I lost 8 dollars. It might not be a lot of money for some people, but my whole reason for putting my money in Nexo is for the "safe" interest. So loosing two months worth is a big deal, for me. Can anyone help me understand what happened, or share a similar experience? Anyone else game for trying it? Cheers!
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