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Nexo's commitment about the dividend token price snapshot will build trust within and outside the Nexo community! Here the details of the dividend,

Everything you need to know about the upcoming payout. 📷 Dear XXXX As stated in Nexo’s [first Governance proposal](, switching to the new Daily Interest on NEXO Tokens program triggers a final dividend distribution to ensure investors who have been HODLing for dividends are not adversely affected by the change. Now that vote has passed and the proposal has been accepted, we present to you the details of the upcoming final dividend: * **$20,428,359.89** will be distributed to eligible token holders during the final Dividend. * **Record Date:** The official snapshot for the final Dividend took place at 12:01 UTC on June 8, 2021. * **Loyalty Dividend:** The entire final dividend will be distributed as a Loyalty Dividend and will be paid out individually for each NEXO Token based on how long it has been in your Nexo Wallet from one ex-dividend date to the next. * **Payout Currency:** All token holders including US citizens will receive their dividend payouts in NEXO Tokens.  * **Token Price:** As per the commitment we made during the previous dividend, we will use the market price of the NEXO Token at 15:00 UTC on the official Record Date for the June 2021 payout which was $1.8620. * **Eligibility:** To be eligible for dividends you must have had NEXO Tokens in your Nexo account between August 15, 2020 15:00 UTC and June 8, 2021 12:01 UTC, and have passed Advanced Verification by June 8, 2021 12:01 UTC. * **Bonus Dividends:** If you participated in the August 2020 Bonus Dividend scheme and still have locked NEXO Tokens from this payout, rest assured that those tokens will be eligible for the June 16, 2021 dividend. With less than a week until we distribute the last Nexo Dividend, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal investors and our community for their continued support for our company ...
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