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Nexo - price action stalled despite dividends and interest acquisitions

Curious to hear others take on the current price action NeXO is currently experiencing. All of the interest forward folks claimed this would create daily NEXO token acquisitions in the open market leading to the price buildup and stability experienced on other platforms such as the CEL model. In addition, NEXOs final dividend distribution would cause acquisition of the $20million of Nexo tokens to be paid out on the 16th distribution to community holders. So far, as I understand it, Nexo has actually moved in the negative direction on the ticker. Given the bear market potentially at our doorstep, and the unknown decreases in interest percentages that may be coming in the future, it would seem price volatility in the negative direction is on the near horizon. Curious what other outlook is with the switch over in models, a potential looming token dump following dividend distribution typical of past distributions, the already decreasing price action when one could have reasonably assumed growth at this time in a growing/stagnant Btc during latest interest payments and token acquisition for dividends. I hold a large (for my portfolio costs) amount if Nexo and have been ‘high’ on the projects success to this point, but I can’t help to feel like $1.00 NEXO or lower is in our near future
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