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Nexo dividends issue

I am going to try to remain calm. Per the email received from Nexo today, only Advanced Verified accounts are eligible for the dividend pay-out. I have carefully read over all of the documentation. I'm really hoping I missed where it was stated that only Advanced Verified accounts are eligible for dividends. If someone could kindly point me toward that information, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, this is disappointing to say the least. I'm sure many people will miss out - myself included. I've had thousands of Nexo on the platform since the beginning of the year. I'm not one to cut off my nose to spite my face, but I can't imagine a company will make it long that is unable to communicate clearly and say "Too bad so sad" to their customers. If indeed I am out of my dividends because of some unstated eligibility requirement, I'll be looking elsewhere and hopefully I can sell off my Nexo to suckers that remain hoodwinked by this company. I'll feel much better if instead I missed that eligibility requirement. At least then it's on me. ETA: First, let me state that at least I get a happy ending out of this because apparently I HAVE completed Advanced Verification. I also now acknowledge that there IS a trail that states that KYC is required for eligibility. Unfortunately, that trail travels off-platform to a Medium article (please see comments for link). So I think that is still a legitimate gripe. I would urge Nexo to work on improving communication further. I don't think using third-party blog sites is acceptable. Second edit: This one is mostly for me so I can stop focusing here. Further comment is welcome, but I probably won't attend to them. I'm keeping the post up in case it's useful to someone else.
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