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Nexo credit line swap misleading

I recently tried to do a credit line swap between eth and btc (and vice versa) but I am faced with an error saying I can’t swap due to the receiving currency having a lower LTV. Hmm, that’s strange, must be a bug because clearly they have the same LTV (50%) according to all documentation. I contact support and am pretty much faced with a yea that’s a feature not a bug. Essentially, since there is a spread when exchanging coins, even though the LTV is the same on paper, the receiving LTV calculation is reduced. Anyone else thinking this is just an excuse? According to the Nexo blog post on the exchange swap: [post](, at the disclaimer near the bottom, it states you can swap between coins with equal to or greater than LTV. If eth and btc are not considered to have the same LTV, then that is very misleading, as one of the reasons I was excited for this feature was to swap between eth and btc in my credit wallet. Anyone else have a similar sentiment that this should be addressed?
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