Missing $24k and the dreaded robotic support

self.Nexo1m ago
I hoped I wouldn't have to write this because Nexo has been great so far. But here it is. I transferred $24k USD internationally to Nexo. This is the 3rd time from the same bank. It usually takes about 24-48hrs. This time it hasn't showed up (6 days later). My bank says it looks like it was successful. Nexo support on the other hand is a nightmare. I go round in circles. They tell me they need a PDF "official proof" or there's nothing they can do. I called my bank, they don't have this document. There's no PDF I can get for the transaction. Is this normal? I don't know. But it is how my bank (in a less developed country) works. Nexo support tells me "banks all around the world issue this". Great, thanks Nexo. Mine doesn't. What do they suggest? Nothing, go to step 1, it's a robotic nightmare. Now I'm stuck, I don't actually know what to do. I'm not rich, $24k is a huge amount for me and it's supposed to pay off a loan anyway. I was really hoping Nexo wouldn't turn out to be one of "those" companies. Has anyone managed to break through to a helpful human? Anyone got suggestions on what I can do next?