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Losing faith in Nexo part 2

Friends, Mods took down the first post because they needed proof. Lets get this out of the way so we can have a proper conversation. NXTkcGMpG8Tva is the TXid in question. Screenshot enclosed is the current status and still shows pending from May 26th. [Screenshot of my still pending transaction taken at 2319h EDT]( I apologize for being slow on the uptake I didn't think this would blow up the way it did. It was amazing and frightening to hear how commonplace it is to have your funds inaccessible for weeks and weeks at a time in a highly volatile market through no fault of your own. Thank you to everyone who posted their own stories. I have a significant amount of my savings with Nexo and have no interest in seeing this sort of thing happen. I want Nexo to not piecemeal this but do this differently. I'm a Nexo token holder and I have no interest in seeing this company fail. I'm conflicted about putting this up because I benefit from a rosy view of this company but I also think that given the groundswell of similar stories, it is bound to happen and at some point it is not going to be my 20k. If this isn't systemically addressed then at some point this is going to be real sums of money and it's going to hurt all of us. Nexo. Deal with this. If your customers are having a problem, don't make it your customer's problem. At the end of the day, all of this revolutionary talk of doing away with the stodgy banking system is pointless if my savings are demolished while I am paralyzed due to my financial institution's technical difficulties. So: I'm going to keep you guys updated as to what happens next. I'm sure i'll get the money back but now its half its value. I'm not sure what Nexo is going to do to resolve this but whatever it is I'll let you know. ​ For reference I've included the original post: ​ I have been solidly h...
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