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Losing faith in nexo

I have been solidly happy with nexo to the point where I have friends and family with nexo accounts and what happened this week has made me question this company's commitment to its customers. This week, I transferred USD$20k in binance tokens from my nexo wallet over to my binance wallet. This should be a no brainer, normal everyday thing. After 12h the transaction is still pending and I get told that there is no explanation and no rationale, I did nothing wrong so rest assured the funds will be transferred, but thats it. Fast forward 5 days. FIVE DAYS this company cannot tell me what is going on with a simple transaction. I'm not a computer person, I'm not a finance person, I'm a mildly intelligent person who can understand things if there's a good faith attempt to provide an explanation. Customer service is responsive but useless and there doesnt seem to be any sense that a person for whom 20k is alot of money is at all valued. Compensation for the loss of the trading potential? what about the fact that the currency is worth half of what it was when I went to trade it? Hey nexo. If you're so sure that the money is there, why not say 'hey we messed up transferring your 20k, here's 20k of our money. It sounds to me like something bad happened and they can't afford to fix whatever it is. I'm happy to share details with anyone curious. I'm not sure what recourse I have other than posting to the forum and telling people to be careful. I would like to continue to use Nexo for alot of reasons but if something as simple as securely sending and receiving funds isnt guaranteed and reliable then I don't care how fancy your defi is. something is broken. fix it.
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