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Liquidation execution at 93% not small increments

The majority of my account was liquidated in the recent event. I have no problem with my collateral being sold to cover the loan. That's the deal. The issue I have is that instead of 83.3% the selling did not commence until 93%. Instead of small incremental sales of my BTC, it was sold in one very large chunk a a price below where it should have been. I'm still trying to figure out an exact number but it was a sizeble loan and selling too much at too low a price, literally at the bottom, has cost me significantly. So far they're dodging around the issue by offering the standard package with a $12000 fee to get back in. If the Oracle messed up I'd really have hoped they or their insurance would cover it but I can't even get acknowledgement that the liquidation did not happen as it should have. Very frustrating.
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