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GBP deposits being witheld

OK so I'll try to keep this concise! Registered with Nexo a couple of weeks back and fully verified to the advance level. I deposited like £5 as a test on the 10th to see if it worked ok and it showed within a couple of hours. I've sold some watches as I wanted to invest in NFTs and then deposited £2400 to Nexo on the 13th (gbp by bank) to buy a Deadfellaz. It didn't show after a while so I tried depositing again and now there is £4750 in limbo... I got an email yesterday morning (didn't see it until the afternoon) asking for a copy of my bank statement showing the details and transactions and also why I did multiple deposits. I replied with all info and a copy of my bank statement. I followed up last night and was told to leave it to this morning. I then followed up this morning and was told that it would be sorted today. I followed up this morning and was told that it would be reviewed within 24 hours of me sending them the info and the funds would then be credited. It's now past that and they are saying that they need extra time to review to confirm it's me. I've offered to send a copy of my ID next to me, a video of me and the ID, other bank statements or even to video call them. They've said that they don't require any further info from me. £4750 is a lot of money to me and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. They just keep putting the time back.
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