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Fix Term not compounding?

I am new to Nexo and find it hard to use. First I didn't understand the term "Top Up" as I have never heard the term before. Spent my first few hours trying to find a "Deposit" button. I have heard the term "Top off" as in "Your coffee looks low would you like to me top that off for you?" but never "Top up".... Very much a waste of my time trying to figure out how to deposit. Ok had to get that off my chest... so here is my actual question. I deposited some crypto into Nexo. The next day I saw some interest deposited in my account and it shows on the transaction page. Yah! That was great, I had more crypto than what I started with. The next day the same thing happened - double Yah because it compounded my previous day's interest! So being a long-term hodler I went for a 1 month fixed term to get that extra 1% interest. Now I get notifications (that bell in the top right) each day with interest amounts but it doesn't show in my account or in my transactions. My crypto balance remains the same day after day (been about 10 days in the fixed term). Given this, it seems my interest is not compounding like it would if I was getting deposits every day in the Flex term. I'd have to do some math but it's definitely a disadvantage to the fixed terms if I am right about this. What have others seen? Has anyone done the math to see if it's worth the 1% extra interest if it's not compounding daily? What happens if I automatically renew? I didn't do this since it was my first fixed term with Nexo but I hope it at least compounds monthly on the renewal but would like to be sure before I use that feature. EDIT: I am earning in kind - I am not earning NEXO tokens
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