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FIAT vs stablecoins

So this is a pretty obvious question. ​ I've wired some FIAT into Nexo as a backup fund for a rainy day. I've had this savings account for a while now but i havn't done anything with it for a few years which is a good thing as it means I didn't need it. So I found out you need to lock the FIAT on Nexo to be able to get the full 12% payout in Nexo, while it's not needed for stablecoins. Can anyone explain to me why this might be? If the stablecoin/euro rate stays the same.. is there any benefit of locking up FIAT for 3 months? If converted to a stablecoin I can have access to it at anytime. ​ \- One option would be just covert it all into stablecoins and get the 12% \- The other idea would be dividing my total amount into 12 locked-up pools so I get access to a pool every week. ​ Which would you choose and why? [View Poll](
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