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Converting BNB to NEXO? bep2 vs erc-20 questions.

I bought BNB coins on and want to transfer them to Trustwallet, convert them to NEXO and then send them to the NEXO platform. however I am still confused as to the difference between a BNB bep2 vs ERC20. I understand that one is on the binance block chain and one is on the Etherium block chain but that’s about it. It seems like on I have the option of sending BNB as either a bep2 or erc20. Then on trustwallet i have the option of receiving either version of the BNB coin. Here’s where I’m confused. The bep2 deposit address does not have a memo assigned to it which I thought is necessary. Also when I dig further into the Dex swap it seems like the only way to convert BNB to NEXO is through bep2, which makes the erc20 useless. Has anyone on here actually been successful at this and can guide me in the right direction so I don’t waste a bunch of money? Thank you!
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