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Can you contact by phone?

I've been going back and forth with nexo last few weeks they don't have a way contact except through the email. The email/ messages is ok but I feel like I'm speaking to a robot who is just ready to hang up on me. I sent some tokens from my platform to nexo. After I contacted them they told me the receipt I gave the showed it went to them and not to me. So I asked if the Txhash shows that in landed in your account and not mines. Why are you keeping my coins? Then they said they needed proof it was me. After going back and forth with them the sent me an email confirming that I would get my tokens in about 6 months. I said fine just take care of the issue I don't care how long it takes. Now today they have changed their mind and need to verify who I am. I sent emails, Txhash s that the other company sent, screenshots of the sent email from the other platform to them at the time when it did. Not enough. It's a small Amount but it's the principal of the whole thing and the headache? I feel like I need help me Howard( south Florida news lawyer) ?
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