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Beware Nexo if you need your money in a rush

I have been reading about people having problems with Nexo because of deposits not showing, etc. My case is a bit different but really problematic to me because they have made me loose a lot of money and some of my debts are accumulating interests because I can't cancel them now. Everything started on May 5 when I tried to convert 10k nexos to BTC. Things were getting really volatile in the criptocurrency space and I knew I would need that money to pay some debts (not crypto, just regulars one). At that time BTC was around 55k and I thought I could wait a little to see how it moved. I would have sold if it would get below 50k. If you remember, that day nexo services crashed (yep, it is not that unsual for the nexo tech stack) and I was stuck in the middle of this transaction: ​ Almost a month has passed since then. Every week I have been talking to the support really politely without showing my inner anger because I was loosing money because of their fault but things are getting unteanable. I need the money to pay what I need. The wrost thing is that you speak with nexo support and they just tell you "We can do nothing. Your case has been scaled...". Can you understand how I feel? I feel really lost and very dissapointed. I have been a nexo supporter since Ico. I bought it at 0.1 if I remember well and never had a problem with them but man, just when I most needed the money I couldn't have it. And nobody is of any help. You are set appart from the world with your complaints but no one seems to listen. I hope I could get at least my money back. I'm not saying they won't do it but the damage is done and I think they won't compensate for it all. Beside the bad state of mind I am into now. Well, just wanted to warn you all. Nexo concept is nice and all but if you can't get your money when you need it then, it is of no use. And I would say...
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