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NEXO · 1w

Been holding since 2013 and just joined nexo

I only found out about nexo through a random comment in /r/ausfinance and then started reviewing the nexo-like crypto high savings/loans. So interesting! Kinda goes to show that how early we are if someone who has been interested in crypto for a while now is only just discovering this. The plan was to put eth in nexo and btc in blockfi, but it looks like blockfi has been having login problems for the last day and I can't even complete registration without timing out. I'm very weary of "not your wallet, not your coins", so blockfi being down under 24hrs (still not up for me) is probably a sign that i've picked the right product. The goal was to only use "earn in kind" but nexo coin seems like a good opportunity, I'm still probably too risk adverse for it. What a great product and community! Can't wait to tell my mates.
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