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All of my funds in Nexo have been inaccessable for over 24 hours, due to perpetual pending transaction statuses

I'd like to begin by saying I have been generally pleased with Nexo's services, and this is the first time something like this has ever happened...but nevertheless, my current situation is frustrating and concerning. At the time I write this, all of the funds I have deposited into Nexo have been inaccessable for over 24 hours. Here's the situation - I requested 3 separate instant crypto loans (after depositing sufficient collateral into my credit line wallets), and all 3 remain in "pending status"...these requests were made just shy of 31, 42, and 43 hours ago. Because the funds in my credit line wallet are being used as collateral for the loans, I am obviously unable to withdraw them until the loans are repaid...but the problem is that, because the loan requests are still pending and I therefore haven't received the requested funds, I am unable to "pay back" the "borrowed money" to release the assets held as collateral. Additionally, I initiated a withdrawal of the funds from one of my savings wallets (the bulk of my funds not allocated as collateral) about 30 hours ago...which also remains in pending status. The funds have been removed from my account, but the actual blockchain transaction has yet to occur. These 4 transactions remaining in "pending" status have effectively made almost all of my funds inaccessable...and because there is no way to directly cancel loan requests, and Nexo does not have live customer support, these funds may remain inaccessable for another week (auto reply from customer support email says it may take up to 7 days for a response). I have utilized Nexo's crypto loan service numerous times before, and the process has generally taken no more than 10 minutes to complete. I've also made several withdrawals from my savings wallet in the past, and have waited no more than a few hours (at most) for those requests to be fulfilled...although they are generally fulfilled in a few minutes or less. Considering their positive track record, I a...
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