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Add USDC on the Hedera Network to Remove High Transfer Fees

[USDC]( is [available]( on the [Hedera]( network where we are guaranteed fractional cent network fees and finality within 3 seconds (currently). I would love to see this integration (along with support for holding Hedera's native token, HBAR) and the ability to purchase USDC on the Hedera network versus ERC-20. I do think it's rather difficult to acquire USDC on the Hedera network right now though, so this might be a mid-term 2022 play. Being able to purchase USDC on a low fee network long term makes a lot more sense for folks not able to move tens of thousands at a time and can decrease the cost for both Nexo and users. Nexo staying ahead of (imho) lesser products in this area is what drew me here to start :) Genuinely curious on other's thoughts on the suggestion.
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