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NewYorkCoin wallet application for Ledger Blue and Nano S is now live! at Official New York Coin GitHub.


Newyorkcoin wallet application for Ledger Nano S and Nano X

This follows the beta specification at - with the regular set of APDUs for standard wallet operations enabled.

To compile and load it on a device, have a look here:

Can be tested quickly tested with the Python API at and Electrum (force noPin = True in getClient in plugins/ledger/


Include the necessary headers (copied from the js/ directory) in your web page

<head> <script src="thirdparty/q.js"></script> <script src="thirdparty/async.min.js"></script> <script src="thirdparty/u2f-api.js"></script> <script src="dist/ledger-btc.js"></script> </head>

Create a communication object

var dongle = new LedgerBtc(20);

For each UTXO included in your transaction, create a transaction object from the raw serialized version of the transaction used in this UTXO

var tx1 = dongle.splitTransaction("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"); var tx2 = dongle.splitTransaction("...")

To sign a transaction involving standard (P2PKH) inputs, call createPaymentTransactionNew_async with the folowing parameters

inputs is an array of [ transaction, output_index, optional redeem script, optional sequence ] where transaction is the pre...
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