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New Neutron Guide 1.1.3 with GUI Ubuntu MN Setup EASY

Must Have 2048MB RAM Must Have Ubuntu 17.04x64Must Have Desktop Wallet With 25K Masternode MUST HAVE NEW SERVER, NOTHING INSTALLED

Getting StartedLaunch a BRAND NEW $10, 2048MB Server with Ubuntu 17.04x64

Choose a Location:

Now Choose A Type And Size:

Click on the Instance name for the details:

Access the VPS using SSH I perfer PuTTy

If a security alert pops up, click yes

Use the login details from the VPS Instance Details page

Copy the next command and paste in Putty Terminal using Right mouse click

This will make the install EVERYTHING from OS to GUI wallet file (neutron-qt) It does take a few minutes to complete.

When you get back to the command prompt, Type:


Then go to the VPS page and top right corner click View Console:

You will see login:

Now login with root and the vps password

Click OK on the error

Press" CTRL ALT T" for Terminal Move the window over to the middle and execute: ./ you will see 2 icons appear on your Desktop MN Setup is for editing the neutron.conf Neutron is for the GUI Wallet Open Neutron Wallet It will now begin to sync.Notice the up arrow in the bottom cornerThats for staking, we will stop this in a moment: Click on Nucleus, Then My Nucleus NodesClick Create: Now Highlight your node and click GET CONFIG: This info will be used next Click MNCONF on desktopAnswer the questions using the "VPS" GET CONF info . Now close the wallet and restart it. Now notice the wallet doesn't havethe up arrow by the bottom right corner.This means it's not Staking, It's almost ready for MN! Once the wallet is fully synced, Send over your 25K NTRN to the MN address you created. Wait for the 15 Confirms. MAKE SURE YOU UNLOCK YOUR WALLETSMAKE SURE YOU UNLOCK YOUR WALLETS MAKE SURE YOU UNLOCK YOUR WALLETS Then click on Start under My Nuc...

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