Nervos Network Daily Market & Question Thread - April 13, 2022

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Welcome to the Nervos Community Daily Market & Question Thread! This thread is dedicated to encouraging all community members to ask any questions about the network and discuss it below. Additionally all things price, holdings, and market related We only ask that you... 1. Engage respectfully and with dignity. Insults and slander will not be tolerated and users will be muted or banned. 2. Spreading misinformation, FUD, intentionally misleading content, shilling other projects will not be allowed. Please only share information that you can back up with facts. Repeated offenses will also result in a ban. 3. As a member of this growing community we just ask that you be mindful in sharing information with the intent to help move the project forward by being helpful to fellow community members. 4. Please speak up if you notice any behavior that contradicts the rules outlined above. 5. Have fun!