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Why is the N3 migration taking so long for exchanges to adopt??? Can NEO team do something about this?

So are we just supposed to wait indefinitely until these exchanges start offering N3 tokens for NEO investors? How about reaching out to Coinbase again? I seriously can't figure whether it's NEO team's intention to have this N3 migration go in silence or they just have negative marketing skills (are they ashamed of scratching from start for the third time or something), and more the reason the major exchanges are taking their time as the market is hardly recognising NEO presence. With all the constant talk of no marketing during the N2 phase and ever-diminishing ecosystem, I had hoped the NEO team was going to try come with a bang on N3 launch, but it's the exact same or worse than N2's launch from N1. What makes others and the NEO team so confident to think the smart devs/outside investors will just come flocking in on their own b/c of "superior" technology? All the recent N3 posts are focused for existing NEO users imo - how about something to promote outside of the community, instead of trading NFTs within this small group and think it's the best marketing/use of N3 platform ever (has NEO announced what the VIP features will be? I wouldn't be surprised a bit if it's nothing significant and was just to hype up the NFT event to scoop up GAS for fees)
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Flamingo Dev Update: Week 43

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