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First of all I clearly can't pronounce LiteCoin my apologies... "Lit Coin" lmfao

Antshares (ANS) over Bitcoin (BTC) ,Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) | Should you buy Antshares/NEO?

In this video, I show a little explanation on why Antshares aka NEO is the best coin to invest in. Just on the ROI view... Even Over Ethereum and Bitcoin...At least for now. I show you some quick realistic numbers and reasons on why and where your investment would be better off and why.

Antshares a.k.a NEO is the next "BIG WINNER" Here is some reasons why this is only part of it, so if this shocks you this isnt even all the reason why to buy ANS / NEO

NOTE: I AM NOT CLAIMING ITS THE BEST COIN AND IT WILL BE THE #1, I AM CLAIMING IT WILL BRING YOUR THE BEST ROI. (RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT) I believe your money and investment will be better off here to make the most out of it.

Undervalued (Like a MOFO)
Best ROI
Hitting top ranks
Won all Ratio’s
High Volume (Lots of attention)
Great Team
Amazing White Paper and Company
Provides more then Ethereum (Not that it’ll be better this is unknown)
China Loves to work and use home made projects/Companies
USA has 321.4 Million People, China has 1.371 Billion (4.27x more people)

Goonalerts: Learn. Trade. Profit.

Stocktwits: @goonalerts
Twitter: @goonalerts

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