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NEO · 4w

Which Flamingo pool do you use? Some of those returns look insane, but I'm skeptical of both staking my N3 as well as anything related to Tether (and that pool)

Would anyone care to share which pool they stake with their N3? FLP-FLM-fUSDT currently has the highest return, but I just don't trust Tether right now, and I assume the returns fluctuate on a regular basis, right? FLP-FLM-fWETH looks pretty good, but why aren't people flocking to it, lowering the return as liquidity increases? I'm also trying to wrap my head around (pun not intended) the difference in pool returns. I understand that they are based on liquidity, but wouldn't people un-stake from the lower APR pools when they see ones that offer twice the return, and therefore the pools be constantly changing?
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